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Iron is an Essential Nutrient for Good Health

triferic-mascotOur body uses iron to make hemoglobin. Hemoglobin enables red blood cells to carry oxygen from our lungs to all parts of our body, providing energy and well-being. Lack of adequate iron leads to low iron levels and anemia occurs, resulting in fatigue, weakness and a general lack of energy.

Hemodialysis patients lose iron over the course of dialysis treatment, due to the consistent blood loss that occurs. Patients lose approximately 5 -7 milligrams of iron on average every hemodialysis treatment. Therefore, iron is needed consistently, every dialysis treatment, to replace the ongoing iron loss that occurs during hemodialysis.

In an attempt to provide iron maintenance therapy to hemodialysis patients, IV iron has been used. But IV iron is not designed to deliver iron at every dialysis treatment and it is unable to immediately bind to transferrin (the natural carrier of iron in the body). The majority of IV iron is trapped in the liver, leading to an increase in stored iron, inflammation and iron overload, and is associated with toxicity and an increased risk for infections and severe life threatening hypersensitivity reactions.

Today, there is a product that can deliver iron consistently at every dialysis treatment in place of IV iron… it’s called Triferic.

Triferic replaces iron real-time and maintains hemoglobin concentration without increasing iron stores (ferritin). Triferic is the only FDA approved drug indicated for iron maintenance therapy.

Triferic is delivered via dialysate, simply replacing the 5-7 milligrams of iron lost during your regularly scheduled dialysis treatment. Triferic enters your blood and immediately binds to transferrin (the natural carrier of iron in the body) and is taken to the bone marrow, bypassing the liver, similar to normal dietary iron uptake. Your body will use the iron to make hemoglobin. Hemoglobin will carry oxygen throughout your body, providing energy. Triferic will maintain your hemoglobin and will ensure adequate iron availability for red blood cell formation, enabling ESA to be more effective.


  • Iron delivered real-time at every dialysis treatment
  • Replaces just the 5-7 milligrams of iron that is needed
  • Maintains hemoglobin concentration
  • Does not increase iron stores and inflammation (ferritin)


The safety profile of Triferic has been demonstrated in long-term studies and is similar to patients receiving placebo treatment. Triferic has the largest safety database submitted for registration of any parenteral iron product. 1440 patients received Triferic every HD treatment for up to 18 months equaling 870 patient years of exposure. No anaphylaxis reported, no increase in intradialytic hypotension, no increase in infections, no iron toxicity or overload and no increase in oxidative stress or inflammation. Importantly, Triferic did show a decrease in blood transfusions of greater than 50% compared to placebo. Triferic does not require intravenous infusion. There are no IV’s or needles required to receive Triferic. You will receive Triferic to treat your anemia while you are during your regular dialysis treatment.

Triferic replaces iron real-time and maintains hemoglobin concentration without increasing iron stores.

For more information, ask your doctor about Triferic or call Rockwell Medical at 800-449-3353.

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